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Babbitt is the home of Peter Mitchell Days (The founder of Taconite) and Northshore Mine (A Cleveland Cliffs Company). The earliest traces of man in the Babbitt area have been uncovered on the north end of Birch Lake. This ancient Indian life dating back to 500 BC has been identified as the Laurel Indian culture.

Babbitt is a small community of 1600 residents located at the eastern end of the legendary Mesabi Iron Mining Range near Birch Lake in Northeast Minnesota. Only two portages from the BWCA, its location offers a unique combination of access to outdoor activities and cultural and business opportunities. Outdoor activities include excellent fishing on Birch Lake with a range of resort or camping facilities available. The area also offers excellent opportunities for viewing or photographing wildlife such as wolves, moose, deer, bear. and smaller game.

History reveals little activity in this area until the late 1800's. In 1885 an experienced woodsman, Christian Wieland, guided Henry Eames, a Minnesota state geologist, to Lake Vermilion near Tower, Minnesota. As they crossed the eastern edge of the Mesabi Range near Babbitt, Wieland pointed out the iron ore in the rocks. Wieland brought out samples of high-grade-ore and these samples of ore created interest and led to the formation of the Ontonagon Syndicate in 1869. It's purpose was to explore mineral areas of Minnesota and acquire land. Peter Mitchell of the Syndicate prospected the land and in 1871 sank a six foot test pit. Fellow Syndicate members were not nearly as interested as Mitchell so interest dropped rapidly. For the next 25 years the natural ores of the western Mesabi were being discovered and exploited, hence the eastern Mesabi taconite was quickly forgotten. Check out the city website below for more information on our great town!

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